Decision Tile 2010

It’s been nearly 2 weeks that we have been living with our sub-floor as flooring. It took us a long time to get all of tile up. It feels great to have it done, but now I am itching to get our flooring done. Flooring, though, is usually the last thing you do in a renovation. Why?

  • The last thing you want to do it drop a tool on the floor cracking it or denting it, or spilling paint, stain or adhesive on it. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • In kitchens most base cabinets are not on installed on the flooring. They are installed on the sub-floor or support floor. Base cabinets would need to be installed and in place before the flooring is done.
  • Wood floors are susceptible to water. If you are working on the plumbing or have workers coming in and out of the house, it is best to install the wood floor last to protect it.
  • My father said so.

We made the decision nearly 6 weeks ago on our wood flooring. We purchased it from The Home Depot- Home Legends Engineered Hardwood Floors in Elm Walnut. We loved the Elm Walnut Handscrapped, but we decided against handscrapped floors as refinishing them would be hard to nearly impossible.

Our back entryway and guest bathroom tile was decided on before we even started the renovation, then The Home Depot discontinued it. Oh no! It was a great price and the right color. The store doesn’t really have a replacement for that color. So, we went to the other big box hoping to keep our costs low and found something with love at Lowe’s. Well, something I love. Marshall did find something he likes at The Home Depot.

Here are the two tiles we are choosing between:

Midnight Copper is the darker one that I am gunning for. Regardless, it’s almost decision time. Thank goodness!

Pssst…thoughts, comments and opinions welcomed!


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