One day we will have guests

We have been updating you all on the kitchen and laundry room, but we haven’t really shown any before or current photos of our guest bathroom. We were so excited when this house had a first floor guest bathroom, more like thrilled. Most of the houses we were looking at didn’t have them, so the thought of adding one to the floor plan actually crossed our mind. So you can imagine how much easier it was to think of simply removing the wall paper and changing out the cosmetics of this bathroom.

When we moved into Casa Statt our guest bathroom looked like this.

After a lot of hard work (ripping up tile, removing the wall paper, spackling the walls, sanding the walls, removing the vanity and now working on the vanity plumbing) it looks like this.

Which one is better?

Our plan is to replace the poor-quality cabinet vanity with a porcelin, pedestal sink, paint the walls in just off-color thick stripes, paint the door and trim white, paint the ceiling white and put new tile down. Our color scheme is a warm beige, white, and slate. Here are a few inspirations.
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