Fine Fridays

Good morning and happy Friday. It is definitely fall. The big tree outside of my office window is full of orange and yellow shades. I can’t believe how fast fall came and it seems to be going. It must be because our weekends are full of hammers, nails, ripping up tile, building soffits, hanging drywall, painting and more.

Last week I had a girl’s night with my good friend and we went to see “Life As We Know It.” Aside from the movie being a total guilty, girly pleasure, the house in the movie was to-die for, comfortable and classic. I had a hard time focusing on the movie, because I was in awe of the home. I kept looking at it trying to pick up what it was that made it feel so beautiful, homey, lived-in, yet fresh and clean.

When I walked back into my house that night I was hit with the mess that we are currently living in, when I walked in the front door into the dust, dishes and boxes everywhere. Yet, after being a little sad that I am living like this right now I thought, how lucky I am? I was just totally inspired by a beautiful home and I am currently in the process of renovating. I have the ability to put my inspiration into action- instead of starting from scratch or being upset by the mess that is my home.

The kitchen in the movie is beautiful. The white cabinets, top-of-the-line appliances, white backsplash and lighting is gorgeous. Thankfully, this is close to what we are doing, minus the GORGEOUS cobblestone fireplace and big budget!


Kitchen from "Life As We Know It"


Two items that we have yet to purchase is our dining room chandelier and stools for our new bar. We have been looking into lighting at The Home Depot and Lowe’s, as those are our more cost-effective options we were hoping to find something there. But nothing really grabbed our eye. We also kept going back and forth between styles. Nothing seemed to fit. The chandelier in this movie was the perfect inspiration we needed.

Here are a few of the lights from my preliminary search.


Thomas O'Brien



Pottery Barn



Pottery Barn








Also, we are now on the hunt for rattan/wicker-back stools too. I love the texture they bring to the kitchen in the movie. We are also going to have a lot of cool colors and white going on, bringing this into our space will help warm it up and it will go with our new wood floors.


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