Kitchen Update

Last week we made a date, a date with Roma Tile & Stone to take the template for our granite installation. What? That’s right, now we have something to work against, a true deadline. Yikes! So despite the beautiful fall weather in New York this weekend, we were inside working hard.

Marshall finished the drywall on Sunday, meaning we officially have walls and you can start to see what it is going to look like in a month or so. Pa and I worked on building the sofit for the cabinets. The issue we ran into is our uneven ceiling. Common in old houses, but a big pain when you are working to make something level. We finally got it level and decided to hang one cabinet to test it out for the week. It looks so beautiful I could cry…check it out.

We are completely down to the sub-floor thanks to the strong arms of myself, my momma and Marshall. Now we just have to continue on our destructive path and rip up the rest of the tile in the back entryway and guest bathroom.

On Sunday night we sat down and counted our hardware, decided on drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, hinges and slides. Here’s what we are going with from Amerock.

Lastly, our lights and hardwood flooring, came in last week. They are all beautiful and we are so happy with our final choices. I guess it pays to think and shop, and think and shop, as much as it pains me to say. I have to thank Ma and Pa Lamanna for that one.


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