Just another dusty Sunday

Happy Sunday…that’s right, Sunday. I’m make Our Fine House blog history today as it is my first official Sunday post.

It is a perfect fall day today ! What better to do than enjoy a cup of tea and blog…ok, I guess when you’re in the middle of a major renovation there are a lot of better things to do. Needless to say, I’m taking a break right now and working on my renovating attitude. That’s right. Every weekend, since we started the kitchen, heck since we started the exterior painting of the house, I have renovator’s stress. The week brings its own stresses with trying to fit everything in, in between work. Weekends haven’t been used to recharge our batteries in a long time. I actually forgot what a lazy Saturday feels like. I’m not complaining, we did this to ourselves and when we set out we wanted to and couldn’t wait for the challenge.

Now we are in the homestretch and we are showing it. This morning I read an interesting blog that inspired me to remember when we started this and not be so concerned with having a perfect home, but enjoying the home we have and being thankful for what we have. It was the perfect post for an early Sunday morning to get me started on the right foot.

On that note, I’ll share the photos of the dusty I’ve been living in and cleaning up Since August 3rd.

I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday!


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