Fine Fridays

Did a whole week really go by without a single blog post?  I think so! No need for excuses, (work, Craigslist buying/selling, and hanging out with old friends) it’s already Friday.  So, happy Friday everyone.

A few weeks ago I shared a great site to find a plethora of art under $100.  For those of you looking for more original and unique paintings you must visit Austin Original Art, by Rebecca Tewksbury.

Living in Austin, Rebecca paints in a variety of styles such as Abstracts, Cityscapes, Figures, Florals and Landscapes. She is a beautiful person and painter and she even does custom artwork!  She is a beautiful person, painter and my cousin-in-law (So fabulous). Her artwork hangs in local Austin galleries.  I love how she digitally inserts her photos into living spaces, so you can visualize how it would look in your home.  We just ordered this piece from her:

Which piece would you order?


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