House Love

Last night I was a free woman, well for a few hours anyway! Marshall was busy with a photo shoot for the night and I was able to catch up on my favorite blogs on my couch- yep, that’s what I did and yep, I am fine with the fact that I didn’t work on the house.

I grabbed the laptop and got to work and quickly learned that one of my favorite blogs, the blog that gave me the final nudge to start a blog, is selling their house. Enter, jaw drop. All I could think of was how could they be selling their house and what will it feel like when we sell ours. All of a sudden I was 5 years in the future and looking at homes again. YIKES! For anyone who has gone through the home-buying process it is extremely rewarding and exciting, but a gosh-darn lot of work  and stress too. I just can’t imagine (obviously) selling our house after all we went through to get it.

Regardless at some point you outgrow your home, or you have circumstances that will make you move and that I completely understand.

In the meantime, it is time for me to add another blog to the blog roll- Young House Love. If you haven’t checked out the clean and modern styles of this family, you must drop everything and do it. They are one inspiring couple that works hard to create a beautiful and well-lived-in home. Something I can definitely respect.


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