40 Days of Paint

We started the big makeover on Casa Statt in mid-July, soon after our wedding. It all started with scrapping, power washing, priming and a new mailbox (You’ll see in the before pictures it was VERY BIG and WHITE). We eventually moved on to house color. We re-routed the downspout system and fixed some of the gutters, we also cleaned them and painted them trim or house color. About three weeks ago we finished the exterior painting and since then we changed the outdoor lights and ordered new house numbers. Every square inch of this house has now been painted and we are so glad to finally share it! Here is a reminder of what it looked like when we moved in.

The day before we finished we were so sick of painting it was hard to motivate ourselves. The next morning we realized we were 12 hours away from the finish line and we couldn’t wait to get started. Here’s the after.

We’ve always loved our home, but now we are really proud of it. It’s even better because we did this DIY all on our own. The total cost of this DIY was $270. We aren’t sure of what we saved, because we didn’t ask a professional for a quote, but in our professional opinion we saved A LOT. We hope you like it as much as we do.


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