That’s a big hole

Tip: Remove all upper cabinetry even if you’re keeping it.

When we began thinking about our dream kitchen at Casa Statt, we knew we wanted to modify the current layout, raise the cupboards and open the kitchen up, while building in a new wall of cabinets that was once an eat-in area. We thought that we could do this all without really touching the cupboards we were keeping. Wrong and I’m glad we were. When we took down the upper cabinets that is when we realized the full space we were working with and it’s when we really noticed (almost for the first time) the replacement window and how it just wouldn’t work withe our new design.

We measured the space and quickly realized we could get a much bigger window. Hey, my dream was the make the space feel more open in our small house. With this window you could even see the sky. We ordered an energy-efficient window from a local hardware shop to make sure we would qualify for the tax credit and waited three weeks. The wait is over. After two days of work, we now have a beautiful new window and I can even see the sky!

My new view from the sink

Now all we have to do is get some real walls, so our kitchen doesn’t look stuck in the Adirondaks.


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