Spaced out

With the opportunity to spring clean behind us, we decided to prepare for the long winter months ahead of us by smartly organizing our increased square footage.

Almost a year ago, we moved from 750 square feet to nearly 1,600. This jump is what we are not taking advantage of. Since we moved in we have been storing things in the office, guest bedroom, and spare closets because it’s just Marshall and I and we are oozing with space. Lately that luscious space has become precious and its feeling cramped.

The first step in reclaiming our space and organizing our home is organizing our closets. I completely emptied our bedroom closet and dresser. As I carried the baskets of clothing from our bedroom to the guest bedroom to sort, I started feeling the weight of all our (ok, my) clothes.

I cleaned the closet walls and put one coat of Pure White Behr paint on the walls and trim. While the first coat dried, I went through every piece of clothing we owned and weeded out clothes to donate and summer clothes. I bagged the clothes to donate and purchased clear plastic bins for our summer clothes to be labeled and stored in the attic.

After putting a second coat of white on the trim and walls, I pared down all of the “keep” clothes. For example, between the two of us we own nearly 10 hooded sweatshirts, which is really a college freshman’s getup and we don’t wear them anymore. I kept one college and one non and Marshall did the same, four total in all.  It was seeing everything on the bed that made me realize, I don’t wear five pairs of jeans or all of those sweaters. With this tough decision-making, we were able to donate five bags of clothing, shoes and coats to a local consignment shop.

After letting the paint dry thoroughly and airing out the closet, we put it back together, along with the dresser and under-the-bed bins. By weeding through our clothing and storing seasonal clothing in the attic, we are able to increase the functionality and organization of our dresser and closet, while utilizing our increased square footage!

Stay tuned for our next fall spruce up and pictures of our finished exterior makeover!


One Reply to “Spaced out”

  1. Thanks for the hand-me-downs. I recognized a few staples from years ago that I used to borrow ALL of the time. Isn’t it nice that they are slightly too big now? I’m still wearing them, but it feeeeels good.

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