Spaced out…some more

My parents have been staying with us the last few weekends helping us on the kitchen and many other projects. Our guest room, where they have been putting up their tired feet, is a disaster.  It’s full of displaced kitchen items, wedding gifts, and other “we don’t know what to do with” clutter. Last weekend was my last straw. I was in there with my mom going through clothes from our closet and I realized how uninviting it must be for them to stay in there.

With little time today I started to pick it up and really find homes for some of the things, or throw them away. As I was in the middle of this, I went to put something into our bathroom closet and before I knew it I had dumped the contents of the closet on the bathroom floor.

I am including this in our get organized for fall project. Here is a before and after. The closet is pretty small, so I am not sure if you can tell, but I love the difference.

Again, now that everything has a place it is easier to get things organized and be mindful of what we purchase and much easier for us to locate what we are looking for. For example, I like to have one extra of all of our toiletries on hand. I didn’t realize we had purchased three body washes for Marshall. Now we have a good idea of what we have, what we need; where everything goes and where to find it.

More get organized for fall to come! Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday!


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