We’re floored

We have been pondering flooring before we even closed on our home. We are fortunate to have beautiful hardwood floors throughout the entire house that were re-finished as part of the purchase deal, however our kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room all have white ceramic or white marble tile that we really dislike.

Don’t get me wrong, white flooring is beautiful but it is really not practical, especially for high traffic area spaces. Our laundry room for example serves as the entryway from the back of the house and the entryway from the garage and it is also the through-way from the garage to the basement. We are constantly trekking through there and the white flooring shows any and all kinds of dirt, not to mention stains from paint and other things.

Now that we are renovating our kitchen we decided to put new flooring down in the kitchen and have it continue through to the laundry area and downstairs powder room. In comes the decision-making and compromising.


In my mind, hardwood flooring is the best decision. We can control how light or dark we want it. It has some give if you drop plates, glass, etc. on it. It will keep my feet warmer through the long Rochester winters.

Marshall feels differently, for him it is porcelain tile all the way. His main point on this is that the rest of the house is hardwood and the existing hardwood floors are original to the house. His point-it would look awkward if the hardwoods don’t match.

Is there a proper flooring for kitchens? In the end, I decided I wanted him to be happy. He feels so strongly about it and on this point I can definitely be persuaded.

Lowe's Store- Taken by Marshall

So, porcelain tile it is and we’re in luck. We found porcelain tile we like at Lowe’s. In the meantime I am on a hunt for a new pair of cozy slippers that he will be gifting me soon!


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