Counter productive

When working with natural stone, or mostly natural stone countertops it can take a six to eight weeks between ordering and installation. With our goal of finishing the kitchen in October it is time for us to get serious about choosing our countertops. We have searched The Home Depot and Lowe’s for granite and quartz. Between these big box stores quartz wins out.

Our plan this week was to visit two local stone dealers to see if they had a bigger selection. We visited two local dealers, North American Stone and Rocky Mountain Granite. North American Stone had a much larger selection of granite than the big box stores, but their price of quartz was nearly $30 more per square foot. On Saturday, we headed to Rocky Mountain Granite. There selection was four-times that of The Home Depot and Lowe’s and nearly three-times that of North American Stone. We found four to five options for us. During our visit they took our drawing and measurements we provided and copied them. After we searched through the slabs they took down some of our top choices and emailed us a quote two days later. There service is definitely top-notch.

Right now here is what we are looking at in granite:

Imperial White

Imperial White
Kashmir White
Kashmir White

We plan to head to Lowe’s tomorrow to see if they can get either of our top choices in granite and price out the quartz. We will provide updated photos of our top quartz options.

We changed our mind from the early days of the kitchen planning. We originally were thinking black granite countertops, now we are thinking a light white/gray. What do you think? Too much white; not enough contrast, or nice and airy?


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