Window Treatments Part II

Yesterday Marshall and I decided we were sick of living with mismatched window treatments, so we went to Lowe’s on our lunch break and picked up some bamboo shades. After dinner we got to work. Ok, Marshall did most of the work, but I provided the eye needed to get the job done while working on our wedding thank you notes.

We started with old clearance panels that were chocolate-brown. The panels were too heavy for the room, but they were a temporary solution until after the wedding. I was so happy to take those curtains down and put them away. Marshall then removed the curtain rods and measured the space for the bamboo shades. We hung the bamboo shade and then measured for the curtain rod. We placed the curtain rod and viola… it looked amazing. Even Marshall as convinced. We love this technique, thank you YoungHouseLove.

I worked on wedding thank yous

We liked how clean and finished the new window treatments looked, Marshall finally hung the mirror on our mantel. With the exception of wall art, our living room is starting to come together!


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