Our Fine Weekend: Set backs

The new weekend is almost here and I am just writing about the old one, so I’m a little behind. The dueling house projects continued this weekend. Saturday was the same as last weekend; women on the outside painting and men on the inside making a mess, I mean making our kitchen beautiful.

Sunday, however we had a set back as we woke up with a water problem. We knew last weekend that we had another backup of some kind, but we weren’t sure how serious. Thankfully, our town covers backups from the main to the house. We gave them a call and had them snake our main line. After a series of other checks and tests we moved on. That being said, most of Sunday was spent on the water problem.

Some good news is that we successfully placed the beam on Saturday and removed all remaining supports, and our house is still standing!

We carefully removed the remaining upper cabinets; why you ask? The space between our current upper cabinets and counter is 14 inches and the standard is 18 inches.We decided that we want to raise the cabinets to the standard of 18 inches (space between cabinet and counter). So we removed the cabinets and the remaining soffit. It was a good thing we did, we quickly noticed that the window above the kitchen sink needs to be replaced. The current size of it wouldn’t look right with the new cabinet height. Here are a few pictures of our progress.

Retro wallpaper we found


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