Gutters and Downspouts…Oh My!

When we purchased our home last October we began to see the style of our home everywhere, similar to when you are thinking about buying a car and you begin to really notice all the cars around you when you never did before. For some reason we became fixated on the gutter systems of the homes that were similar to ours. Our gutter system had four downspouts in the front. Really chopping our house up into four parts. To make the downspouts stand out even more, they were white and against the stone they really screamed, “look at me.”

We knew we wanted to paint the house this summer out of necessity and desire, so we decided to change out this excessive gutter and downspout system at the same time. I’m seeing a trend we really like piling on to house projects with more projects! Here is the work we have done so far…

Tools needed to get this done
Using Seamers, Marshall sealed the inside of the gutter
Cut the downspout to the right size

Now we simply have to paint the new downspouts and we are all set.


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