Window Treatments

The most important goal for me, with window treatments, is making the room feel as open and cozy as possible. YoungHouseLove, one of my favorite blogs, recommends using panels with bamboo roman shades/blinds to create the illusion of a big window. When you hang the shade, hang it above the window molding and same with the panels- framing the window. I love this idea and I have had a hard time thinking of anything else lately. We finally got our new panels from Pottery Barn (at a great price) just purchased for our living room; to make the windows pop and to introduce some texture to the room I am going to try this.

Marshall doesn’t like this idea. So, I will keep you posted as to who wins, or compromises!

What do you think? Is this a great idea to maximize space and create the illusion of a large window, or is the idea of a bamboo shade just crazy?


4 Replies to “Window Treatments”

  1. I’ve seen this done, so I think it’s a great idea! (I’m taking your question as a literal one, not rhetorical, therefore I will inject my opinion.) I think the illusion of a bigger window mostly relies on hanging the roman shade above the window and the fabric panels further out and not so much on the fact that the shade is made of bamboo. Perhaps that’s your compromise? That being said, I do generally like bamboo shades. I like this comment section of your blog. 🙂

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