Our Fine Weekend: Family Love

We put our house projects and planning on hold this weekend for a very special occasion. We had such an amazing weekend. We packed up the car on Friday morning to take off after work for the Finger Lakes, my home, for my baby sister’s wedding. We met my parents and Angela at Belhurst Castle for a cocktail and then home for dinner and wedding day prep!

Saturday was filled. We had  a lot of wedding stuff to do, but most importantly we packed our lunches and headed to the nursing home to have lunch with G&G. Grandma was in the best spirits I have seen her in a long time, it was probably the beautiful sight of Baby Eden. When we were leaving, she told me she loved me and my day was made. Oh, I was the make up artist (self-proclaimed) for the weekend. Here is my beautiful sister after her “trial.”

Later, we went to the rehearsal at Garrett Chapel on Keuka Lake. Ange and Jeff were so happy and excited for the big day. We had a wonderful lobster dinner at 540, my grandparents place on Keuka Lake, hosted by Jeff’s parents.

The wedding day was beautiful. Angela was a princess, it was truly a fairytale wedding. When she turned to walk down the aisle with my father, it took a lot not to cry, especially when you saw the look on her husband’s face! I can’t wait to see the awesome photos her lovely photographer took, the talented Kelly Lorenz (http://www.klimagery.com/).

Congrats to Ange and Jeff!


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