Fresh-Cut Grass

One of my favorite smells of summer is fresh-cut grass, that and the air right before and after it rains. Tonight was the perfect combination of both. As we have been painting machines, as my almost-married sister put it, we have neglected our lawn and its grown to great lengths. It reminded me of our first time mowing the lawn this past spring, or I should say not mowing the lawn.

When we moved into the house it was late-October and there was no need to mow the lawn. Soon after we moved in, we had our first snow and purchasing shovels and salt for the walkway and driveway was more important. This spring we had a standoff with our lawn. We didn’t have a lawnmower and it just kept growing and growing and planning our wedding was eating up our time. Each day we would return from work secretly hoping that it would magically be mowed by a nice neighbor. We finally borrowed my brother’s lawnmower, mowed it and broke it before we decided it was time to purchase our own.

After nearly a week of checking and answering Craigslist ads, we struck gold. A family in a near-by zip code was getting rid of a $250+ John Deer push mower for $45. We offered $50 and won. When we picked it up, he told us he had nearly 20 immediate responses and chose us because we were the only ones offering to pay more!

Other than getting rid of our apartment, it was our second positive interaction with Craigslist. Now we have the smell of fresh-cut grass anytime we want it. Thanks Craigslist!


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