Clean Inspiration

While the painting continues, Marshall and I pass the time we’re spending on the exterior thinking and planning our upcoming kitchen and laundry area remodel. In a previous post we shared our kitchen plans, but have not really discussed what we are planning to do with the laundry area.

Our laundry is near our back entrance on the first floor. The stackable washer/dryer is in a big entryway closet to the left of the entrance. The previous owner did us a favor by moving the laundry unit to the first floor, unlike many homes in the neighborhood that are in the basement, but they didn’t quite think it thought. The closet is not big enough to fit the current unit and most new units, which is probably why the closet is missing doors, as they wouldn’t fit. Also, the huge closet has nothing but the laundry unit in it. There are no shelves, hooks or anything.

When we moved into the house, as a quick fix we added a few nails to hang shopping bags, plastic bags, and the dust buster from. We also put a small, white shelving unit inside the closet to organize our cleaning supplies.

We decided to wrap the laundry closet remodel into the kitchen project not simply due to their proximity, but also because we are replacing the mismatched flooring that the two spaces share. As we will have to move the laundry unit out, it makes sense to replace it at the same time. Also, to make the new, more-open kitchen look finished, the laundry closet would need to have doors and this can’t be done without some work. Therefore, it’s the perfect time.

We plan to add a wall of shelving as well as upper shelves for storage of paper towels, vases and other kitchen items. We also want the new units to be enclosed with wood, so we can use the top of the units as a folding station. There will be a bit of extra dead space to the right of the units, which is where we plan to put a two-compartment laundry hamper on wheels, perfect for separating before washing. Lastly, we plan to add doors, which will finish off the space and help contain any noise from the machines.

YoungHouseLove, one of my favorite home remodeling blogs, remodeled their laundry area and it serves as perfect inspiration.

Now, if the after pictures were as simple as the click of a mouse…


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