Our Fine Weekend

I am always amazed how slowly Friday comes and how quickly Sunday arrives, but here we are…

After our exciting Lowes trip, we enjoyed the sunset out of our living room window and listening to the rain.

Marshall was consumed all weekend with the gutter system. What was supposed to take a morning took a day and a half. We found some water damage from a gutter that was clogged. To fix it, we changed the construction of the downspout and put a gutter shield on it. Oh, and I was left scrapping off the damaged paint. You can see the water path it is that bad. The downpour Saturday afternoon and evening didn’t help!

Nearly 3/4 of the house is now painted!

And we straightened our tools, a bit!

As family task master, we have two weeks to finish the house. We could really use next weekend, but it’s my little sis’s wedding. It’ll be a nice break! 🙂

Aside from painting and more painting. Marshall had a bachelor party, and while he was gone  Amber, Adam and Elena dropped by during a showing of their home. Adam was hungry and downed a bowl of Wegmans Peanut Butter Puffs. I couldn’t resist taking photos of him crunching away.


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