Shopping Lowes- Appliances

Aside from a now beautiful pink and gray sunset, it poured and poured rain today. It was one of those days where your sun room, warm blanket and book are calling you. We knew early on that we couldn’t paint tonight. So, we decided to price out some kitchen appliances after our mid-week kitchen planning session with my parents. We go to The Home Depot all the time, because there is one near our house and one near our work. We decided to venture a little farther to Lowes tonight, but we plan to price out Sears and a local mom and pop. Here’s what we found at Lowes:

Like all consumers, we wanted a great deal. We are purchasing five appliances, that has to count for something. We were lucky when Andy, the Manager at our local Lowes, walked up to help us. We told him that we were shopping for a gas range, over the range microwave, dishwasher, and a washer and dryer. He told us that right now they are running a 10% off sale on Energy Star appliances. We also have a 10% off coupon, which we plan to take back at purchase, if we purchase from Lowes.

We started with gas ranges, Frigidaire and Frigidaire Gallery seemed to fit into our budget. Both of these are in the running. I love the more expensive one for the extra space and look(799.00), while Marshall and the Manager think that the less expensive one will do the same thing ($649.00), what your really paying for is self-cleaning and style. This Samsung microwave would match the range nicely ($224).

Frigidaire Gallery $799.00
Frigidaire $649.00
Samsung 30-inch over the range microwave $224.00

Next we moved onto dishwashers. I read a great deal on Whirlpool dishwashers today. Going into Lowes, I knew this was a brand they carried. The Whirlpool Gold 24-inch Energy Star is the dishwasher I would like, however we were hoping to spend less than $400 and on sale this ends up at $485.

Whirlpool Gold $485.00

Lastly, we walked over to the washer and dryers. Like I said earlier, I spent some time with Consumer Reports today and I really spent a while looking into washer and dryers. One of the CR’s Recommended Buys was an affordable LG model. However, when I read more on the LG brand, CR said that they are reviewed to leave a mildewy, musty smell, as does the Maytag brand. A way around this is cleaning the bin every now and then with tablets and leaving the door open to let the inside air dry after each use. Yikes! I read further and landed on the Samsung 4.0 Front Load Washer and Dryer Energy Star ($539, washer and $599, dryer). I am in love- I know that is so dorky, but I can’t wait to get my new laundry room in order. Right now it is an eye-soar and not functional. We plan to change both.

Samsung Washer $539.00

2 Replies to “Shopping Lowes- Appliances”

  1. Too funny! All of the appliances that you’ve shown are the ones that I’m getting. I recently got the same stove (except it has stainless steel knobs) and the same dishwasher. The samsung microwave is also the one I’m leaning towards after researching on consumer reports.

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