Thunderstorms inspire kitchen planning

Thunderstorms are beautiful, but they can halt painting the outside of a house pretty fast. So with a big storm moving through today it was a perfect night to start planning our kitchen remodel. If we stay on track with painting the exterior of the house we hope to start demo in the kitchen the first full weekend in August.

Here is a list of everything we want to do:

  • Remove caked on wall paper
  • Rip up the current mismatching white flooring, replace with porcelain tile
  • Knock down 1/2 wall separating kitchen from dining room
  • Remove cabinetry that needs to be removed (save to be repurposed)
  • Paint existing cabinets white (sanding, washing, priming, painting)
  • Add crown molding
  • Add new lighting
  • Rip out old counter tops and replace with new (possibly granite)
  • Add tile back splash
  • Replace all hardware (hinges, cabinetry)
  • Replace double oven and electric range with gas range/stove
  • Replace dishwasher
  • Renovate the laundry room by adding shelving
  • Replace laundry unit with front loaders
  • Add built in hamper to laundry room and folding area with zip line for drying cloths
  • Enclose laundry room with doors (currently wide open)

To save a little here we are planning to paint our existing cabinets white. My father will help us build any new top/base cabinets we may need and we will work with a local carpenter to match our existing cabinet doors, if needed. We will also be keeping our existing refrigerator. It is in great condition and does not need to be replaced, where as the oven, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer need to be. Marshall drew up these sketches to help us plan.

View of new kitchen from laundry room
View of new kitchen from dining area
View of new kitchen from dining room and entryway

I am most excited to brighten up our kitchen and make it a more open space to enjoy cooking and baking more than I already do. The overall look we are going for is classic and clean.


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