Our Fine House Gets a Makeover

Our first task is painting the exterior. When we purchased the house we noticed it was in need of a paint job, plus we wanted to change the color to something warmer. What does white really do for a house, especially one with a stone front?

We started planning for this in early July. We purchased sample house color, shutter color and door color and painted all the samples on the side and front of the house. Once we chose the color, we started prepping the house. For the first five days it was scraping and spot priming. During our lunch break at work we figured out the new downspout system, with frequent trips to The Home Depot. This last weekend we rented a power washer and gave the outside of our house a nice bath. On Saturday afternoon we were finally able to put some color on the front and we also got two coats of paint on the shutters.

The biggest paint chips ever...they actually look like states!

After work I cut this wall, it's ready to be rolled with paint.

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